How can I check my level of a language?

         Our school prefers entrance interview due to long-term experience. It is a very reliable method which takes about 5 – 10 minutes. This is a free service.


How can I enrol in the course?

         Choose a suitable course and enrol by phone +420 773 997 263 or by e-mail jsterra@jsterra.cz. If you are not sure which course will be the most suitable for you, fill in the Auxiliary form and we will create a tailor-made course for you.


Is a textbook included in the price?

No, it isn´t. A textbook is used longer than for one term and a textbook would be paid at least twice if it was included in the price. In addition to that there are students who have already bought the textbook and they would pay for materials they do not need. We are able to get you the books for the same or lower prices compared to bookshops.